We really hope that our students can apply what they have learned in the courses to their work, and are pleased to provide job referral service for our students wherever we are able to do so. In fact, from time to time there are companies and organizations which express interest in offering employment opportunities to capable students of our courses.

If you are interested to submit your artwork and contact information to the organizations below, please contact us and fill in a job referral form. This is a service free of charge. Human resource departments of companies are also welcome to contact us if they have openings for potential creative talents.

Please call 3605 3377 or 3605 3322 for more information.

Participating organizations:

Amzon (HK) Limited


Amzon (HK) Limited was established in 2005 and specializes in architectural 3D, including animation, rendering and TVC.

Website: http://www.amzon.com.hk/

Genesis Solutions Ltd


Genesis Solutions Ltd is an independent professional sourcing and manufacturer management agency focusing exclusively on fixtures, furniture and components for retail, hotel, hospitality and banking sectors, and also the sourcing of other non-consumable products.

Website: http://www.genesis-solutions.net/

Milton Exhibits Group


Milton Exhibits Group is an Asian-based marketing service integrator.  They have developed four major service streams in Asia, namely event management, exhibitor service, digital solution and general contracting.

Website: http://milton-exhibits.com/

*Please note that Form.Welkin does not guarantee your success in any job opportunities and will not be involved in any employment relationship between students and their employers.  Form.Welkin does not charge any fee for the job referral service.