To ensure that you can learn updated skill, please note that starting from 2-Jan-2016, this course will be conducted using Dreamweaver CC (Creative Cloud) 2015.

Course Features

  • This is the first and only course in Hong Kong that teaches you how to create multimedia websites and apps applicable to mobile devices with Adobe Dreamweaver.
  • The course covers advanced up-to-date web design skills: HTML5, CSS3, Jquery Mobile and Phone Gap.
  • The course is presented from a developer’s point of view, allowing students to acquire practical experience in web development with HTML5/CSS3.
  • The course is valuable to those who have a basic understanding of web design and want to update their skills to the latest revolutionary technologies!
  • You can get a free account of for extra learning resources and out of classroom support.

 Introduction Video

Course Duration

15 hrs

Course Fee



  • Participants should have a basic knowledge of Adobe Dreamweaver.

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Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 for Mobile
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    With the emergence of the mobile platform, web developers have to update their skills to cope with new requirements specific to mobile devices: screen sizes, formats, compact interface requirements, etc. HTML5 and CSS3 are extensions of the new generation web technologies, allowing the direct application of audio and video on the web page, interface control design and local data storage. They provide a perfect solution for web and apps development.

    When you are not so sure of your choice between Apple iOS and Andriod, have you ever hoped that the apps that you develop can be applicable to both platforms? IQuery Mobile is a convenient framework that can save much of your effort to cope with multiple platforms. It is therefore especially useful for understaffed small companies.

    PhoneGap, a built-in Dreamweaver application, allows you to build applications using HTML, CSS and Javascript that are applicable to different app formats of mobile devices. It supports also online service: you simply upload a zip file of your web materials and PhoneGap will deploy your development into apps for iPhone, iPad, Android…automatically!

    This web/apps development course is especially designed to help you upgrade your skills to meet strong market needs.

Responsive Design Baiscs
Fluid page layout in Dreamweaver
New change in HTML5
Canvas Element
Video Element
Offline Web application
Work with multimedia content in mobile website.
Understanding CSS3
CSS3 Borders
CSS3 Backgrounds
CSS3 Text Effects
CSS3 Fonts
CSS3 2D Transforms
CSS3 3D Transforms
CSS3 Transitions
CSS3 Animations
CSS3 Multiple Columns
CSS3 User Interface
Using simple code to create well organized page layout
Understanding Jquery mobile
Jquery Interactions
Jquery Theming
Using PhoneGap in Dreamweaver to pack web content to mobile apps

I have learned web design, dreamweaver before, why should I learn skills such as HTML5 and CSS3?

Previous technologies are unable to cope with today’s cross-platform (desktop, tablet, mobile) browsing and application needs. for example, if you build an online store, you want tablet computer users to be your shoppers, and enjoy carefree shopping! Through learning HTML5 and CSS3, you shall be able to build adaptive websites (Responsive Design), which allow equally invigorating experience with different platforms.

I do not know Dreamweaver and web design, can I enroll?

This course covers extension of many web technology, such as HTML5; it is a new version of HTML, therefore it is recommended to have web design background for better understanding. If you are a beginner of web design, we recommend you to start with Adobe Dreamweaver Web Page Design or Diploma in Multimedia Design for the WWW (in which, content of “HTML5, CSS3, Jquery Mobile Course- Dreamweaver in Mobile” is included)

Will this course teaches Apps programming language, such as Objective C?

No. This course will teaches you how to use PhoneGap to pack HTML websites into Apps which is adaptive in multi-playforms. Of course, this does not cover the Apps production of interactive games, but PhoneGap solution is to produce professional business application without programming professional, which is the ideal solution for marketing personnel or SMEs.