“Pay Directly Online” applies to the following situations:

  • Miscellaneous payments, such as student manual, course fee differences and etc

  • Unsuccessful use of current website’s “Enrol Online” or “Pay Installment Online”, and has obtained consensus with Form.Welkin staffs for the payment issue.

 Shall you find difficulties in “Pay Directly Online” operation, please call our hotline at 3605-3322.

1.On the navigation menu, choose “ Enrol Online” → “ Pay Directly Online”.

2.Fill up the required information on the form, then click .

3.On the Paypal payment page, you will see the order summary on the right.  If you already have a Paypal Account, choose “Pay with my Paypal Account”, else you can register one.  You can also choose “Pay with my credit card” and fill up the rest of personal and credit card information, then follow the steps (security related steps may varies according to different credit cards) to complete the payment.