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There is a long history of BIM in Hong Kong Practice. A user friendly BIM software Revit let many professional can use or even run a BIM project. However, many enterprise or stakeholder hesitate to use BIM as a single deliverable document. Why? Because we don’t know the deliver standard. As different client many varies on different BIM standard, but recently a clearer picture provided by the government, i.e. the major stakeholder in the construction market. This is a course base on EMSD BIM-AM Standards and Guidelines v1.0, with detail study and hands on practice to show how Revit MEP can create a standard compatible Model to benefit the whole construction project.

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24 hrs

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Course Features

  • Review and understand EMSD BIM-AM Standards and Guidelines v1.0
  • Pair up corresponding BIM approach using Revit MEP
  • Build and optimize Revit template to adopt BIM-AM standard
  • Using Model Review tool to check the standard compatibility

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The full course fee is $7,800.
 Cantonese / PC
1900-220024 hrs/
8 sessions
MON, WED7,800.00
 Cantonese / PC
1900-220024 hrs/
8 sessions
WED, FRI7,800.00
Managing BIM Projects according to EMSD-AM Standards & Guidelines (Building Services)

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Building Information Modeling (BIM) is now the most advanced architectural design/analysis tool. The application of BIM in the AEC industry is quickly growing in Hong Kong. The course aims at providing participants with professional training to acquire knowledge and skills to use the BIM capabilities offered by Autodesk Revit Architecture. Upon course completion, participants will be able to:

  • Design constructional project effectively with Revit.
  • Produce high-quality, consistent design documents
  • Understand BIM teamwork for effective project management and coordination.
A clear documentation and file/folder management
File, family naming, model review and check
MEP modeling and name conversion
Revit template setup, Workset management
Browser organization
MEP modeling and management skills
Template setup on Line styles Line pattern & Line weight, Filters
Clearance Space modeling
Parameter and Share Parameter, Schedules
Introduction to COBie, COBie Extenstion in Revit
 Understanding RFID and BIM integration

Why I need this course?

Because you want to build a BIM model that comply with standard, not just a Revit model in good looking.

I don’t know Revit or any BIM software, should I attend this course?

No. This course design for those Revit users. If you are project manager but you want to know more and monitor a project run in BIM, please take the course “BIM for construction Manager” If you need a hands on training in modeling skills on MEP, please take the course Advanced Certificate in Revit MEP

Is it a course only for BIM manager?

Any team need leader, also player. As a manager or project leader you should make sure your BIM project to comply with every scope and requirement. However a player that clearly know every rules definitely help to run the project smooth, and should be a benefit to be the further BIM manager. This is a course for whole BIM team.

My current project using other standard, is it compatible?

Compatible. It is just a most common choice to use EMSD BIM-AM as a standard. You can cmply the same principle to all other standard.