BIM Training Funding (CITF) Guide

You may in a big headache: BIM talent cultivation. How can you cultivate a group of BIM talents in a straightway, set up the company’s BIM team, and respond to BIM-related tasks in a stable manner? This is a guideline to show how.

BIM Professional, How to find? train? and keep ?

In 2018, the government has decided that works projects with estimates more than $30 million will use BIM technology. Construction firms are in no time to equip themselves with BIM expertise. Managers are facing the critical challenge of building quickly and effective team that are proficient with BIM related operations.

Download Hong Kong BIM Training & Funding Guide

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BIM Training Guide English Version

Only the right training solution helps

Don’t just enroll in any course on the market that sounds right or be influenced by promotional course briefings. Review the actual needs of your team carefully so that you understand what the goals of your training initiatives are and what types of training courses your team needs most. The examples below may help you understand more.

Solution in Different Scenario (* click the links to those details on web)

What you need What to do What Form.Welkin can provide
Assess the skills/potentials of your team The Revit Certified Professional exam helps you understand the knowledge and skills of your team, and let you know who can skip basic BIM training. Revit Certified Professional One Day Pass
Autodesk Certified Professional Workshop
Upgrade existing skills from CAD to BIM Enroll your team in a customized course that provides basic but specific BIM training to meet your specifid needs. You will also get a discount for group training. Certificate in BIM Design with Autodesk Revit

Certificate in BIM Civil Engineering Design with AutoCAD Civil 3D

Advanced Certificate in Revit Structure

Advanced Certificate in Revit MEP

Develop team leadership to effectively manage BIM projects Enroll members in a suitable course that uses real, local examples to enable learners to acquire the expertise to ensure project requirements compliance.
Managing BIM Projects (Architecture) with CIC BIM Standards & GBP Submission RequirementsManaging BIM Projects (Building Services) with EMSD BIM-AM Standards & Guidelines
The skills to handle specialized BIM analytical tasks Enroll suitable members in an advanced training course to enable specialized skills adoption and career development. Advanced Certificate in BIM Analysis with Navisworks
Members who review and use BIM data to monitor project progress and compliance but do not take part in production work Members of this type constitute most of the enterprise. They need a course to understand the friendliness of BIM and overcome the fear of BIM.
BIM for Construction Managers
Information and experience sharing sessions for members who have used BIM for some time. Invite qualified internal or external speakers to hold the sessions. Rent a BIM-ready training room to save long term maintenance expense. BIM Facility Room Rental Services

Act now and call 3605 3325 for your Association’s  BIM education, Our training consultant will base on your unique requirement to propose a tailor made solution our the best offer. 

What is CITF?

The Construction Innovation and Technology Fund (CITF) is established to encourage the construction industry to adopt proven innovative constructive methods and new technologies within and outside Hong Kong with a view to promoting productivity, quality, safety and environmental performance. The CITF has a total of HK$1 billion funding. For BIM training, funding ceiling is $200,000 per applicant and each person enrolling training is entitled to $3,000 per course at maximum. The funding lasts 5 years. You may find more information about CITF at here and make your application here

How to apply CITF with Form.Welkin Training Solution?

Many Form.Welkin BIM course are pre-approved under CITF, you can simply choose them and trained. Or you can first enquire us for a tailor-made course and submit to CITF for approval.

Get your free proposal and quote from us

Price shows on our webpage is a single delegate price, however your specific situation such as a group training may bring you a more valuable price.  We encourage you, no matter apply for pre-approved course or not, can get your proposal from us, it is 100% free and you can confirm you best price with your specific services.

Form.Welkin, your best partner in BIM education

As Autodesk Authorized Training Centre (since 2003), Form.Welkin provides a wide spectrum of BIM training courses to cover the major skills of BIM implementation. CEF reimbursable BIM training has also been available at Form.Welkin from 2008. We win the trust of our clients through dedicated and quality services. Our clients include corporations, government departments and government subverted organizations, such as MTR, Housing Department, Hong Kong Construction Industry Council, etc. The awards we have received over the years include Autodesk Best Training Centre, Hong Kong ICT Awards Best Professional Development Merit Award, and HKIBIM Training Institution Merit Award.

Form.Welkin specializes in providing professional BIM service and training solutions. Our team comprises experienced BIM coordinators, managers and instructors that are proficient in delivering customized and localized solutions. Besides academically qualified, our team also hold professional qualifications including Autodesk Revit/Civil 3D Certified Professional, HKIBIM Professional Member, etc.