BIM is an integrated process that enables building professionals to explore a project digitally before it is built. Coordinated, reliable information is used throughout the process to design innovative projects, accurately visualize  appearance for better communication, and simulate real-world performance for better understanding of important characteristics such as cost, scheduling, and environmental impact.

Form.Welkin provides a wide range of training courses on BIM technology. The courses are carefully designed to target different job roles and help participants become top professionals in the AEC industry.

Autodesk® Building Information Modeling (BIM) for construction projects can help provide ways for both small and large construction organizations to address the challenges they face in their business. Form.Welkin, as Autodesk Authorized Training Center, enables aspiring designers and engineers to advance their careers through professional BIM training.

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Form.Welkin has the broadest BIM curriculum in Hong Kong, you can enroll the right course according to your specialization and progress:

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Learn more about Form.Welkin BIM Training Series:

Revit Architecture Course (CEF Approved) – Certificate in BIM Design with Autodesk Revit

Advanced Certificate in Revit MEP

Advanced Certificate in BIM Analysis with Navisworks

BIM for Construction Managers

Civil 3D Course (CEF Approved) – Certificate in BIM Civil Engineering Design with AutoCAD Civil 3D

Advanced Certificate in Revit Structure

Designer Course – View, Revise, Markup Painlessly with Design Review

Managing BIM Projects according to CIC BIM Standards & GBP Submission Requirements (Architecture)

Managing BIM Projects according to EMSD-AM Standards & Guidelines (Building Services)

Now, get your BIM skill ready for you and your team, and gain the benefits that BIM brings:

timthumb1Project Visualization

The development of accurate project visualizations plays a key part in winning work for a construction company. During the bidding process, project visualizations can be used to gain a competitive advantage through convincing presentations of your company’s capabilities. Visualizations can also be used to establish a clear understanding of the construction strategy, leading to increased owner confidence. Additionally, visualizations can assist in defining the project scope to improve time and space coordination and help reduce workflow issues in planning.

timthumb (1)2Constructability

BIM technology enables construction companies to contribute insights to projects earlier, when they will have more impact, and better validate the building design according to construction standards. BIM models can also be used to better manage costs, logistics, and material consumption, including easier coordination of more cost-effective prefabricated materials.

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3Cost Reliability

Collect and synchronize building system and component design data with BIM to more accurately calculate material quantities. Automate the laborious process of manual counting and measurement in order to perform estimates earlier and more often. Generate an unlimited number of component assemblies to better evaluate the cost implications and alternative cost trade-offs of design options.

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4Building Complexity

Use BIM tools to better manage complex building projects by combining data of various file sizes and formats into a single view for more effective 3D coordination. Aggregate project data to improve time and space coordination and identify design conflicts even before the onset of construction. With improved coordination between designers and contractors, the volume of time- and cost-intensive RFIs and change orders can be reduced.

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5Construction Execution

Autodesk BIM solutions enable schedulers to create, review, and edit 4D scheduling models more frequently, resulting in better, more reliable schedules. Visually communicate the planned construction process with project stakeholders by linking schedules directly to 3D models. With the ability to compare a visual as-built schedule against forecasts, project managers can improve schedule oversight and better determine if a project is on track or behind schedule.

10 Reason for choosing Form.Welkin to nurture BIM talent:


1Professional BIM Training

Training is not a supplied gift attached to the software package: it is the key to productivity.  We are not inviting a casual BIM user to share his understanding, our trainers has a track record of thousands hours training experience, which are knowledgeable in  guiding student to master BIM skills with a step by step approach.

Autodesk Authorised Training Centre

2Autodesk Authorized Training Centre Since 2003

There are many choices in Autodesk software training, but Autodesk’s approval on rigorous training standard is required to become an Autodesk Authorized Training Center.  That is why we are proud to present that “We teach the Autodesk way.”

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3Instructors has hands-on experience

Our trainers have sufficient teaching experience. Trainers are “Revit Certified Professional” and “Instructor HKIBIM professional members”, which ensure you learn the forefront skills according to the market needs.

Broadest Curriculum

4Broadest Curriculum

We have Revit, Navisworks, Civil 3D and Design Review courses, from basic to advanced, for different degrees and professionals to choose from.


5Autodesk Official Training Guide

Autodesk Official Training Guide (AOTG) is the official recognized Autodesk training courseware.  Students will be learning in the way Autodesk intended with a large amount of practical examples, which allow them to gain the best support inside and outside the classroom.

Centre location

6Convenient time and location

We have well-facilitated classroom in Mong Kok and Central.  With great location, one can choose the class time that best suits you and your company.  Corporate or organizational training can also choose their desired location for training. We care what you really need.

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7Free Student Software

Besides ensuring you learn better, we hope you make good use of the BIM software.  There’s no better way to enhance your skill and knowledge other than having the software for practice.

Autodesk Certification Centre

8Certificate of Completion recognized by Autodesk

Autodesk recognized certificates, an acknowledgement for you and your team, can only be issued by an Autodesk Authorized Training Center.  Form.Welkin is also an Autodesk Authorized Certification Center, students can obtain expert Autodesk certification in one stop.


9Continuing Education Fund (CEF)

Our Revit fundamental course, and Civil 3D course are approved for Continuing Education Fund (CEF).  Student can receive a 80% course-fee subsidy by CEF upon successful completion of the courses, which is the best encouragement for your learning.

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10Countless Successful Stories

Since, 2008, through Form.Welkin training, thousands of engineers were equipped with BIM skill and shine in their workplaces. Their productions, which can be easily found on the world-wide-web, has shown their skill achievement.  Will you be protagonist of the next successful story?