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AutoCAD is the essential tool in the ACE (Architecture, Construction, Engineering) industry. Do you think you are proficient enough in the competitive job market?.

Miss Cheng, Form.Welkin trainer, has designed 9 AutoCAD quizzes to challenge you! Act now, test your AutoCAD level, and find out the training you may need!

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Question 2

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To develop a strong fundamental knowledge of AutoCAD, you can...

Take the following solutions

A) Understanding AutoCAD’s interface, feature and commands and make hands-on practice on print drawings:

AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT Essentials (2D)

B) Learn 2D and 3D skill thoroughly and equip yourself with any work requirement on CAD skills:

AutoCAD Course(CEF Approved)-Diploma in Computer-aided Design with Autodesk AutoCAD


Congratulations! You have a good understanding of AutoCAD 2D skill

To take a step forward, you can...

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C) Learn how to create AutoCAD 3D models, and visualize them for presentations:

AutoCAD 3D Advanced-Creating & Presenting 3D Models

D) Update yourself along with AutoCAD’s upgrade. Learn new features like Dynamic Blocks and Sheet Set Manager, and improve your work process significantly:

AutoCAD Master Course