Endorsed by Autodesk, Form.Welkin now provides one-stop service and support for schools in Hong Kong and Macau by leveraging resources available through the Autodesk Academic Resource Centre (ARC) Program.

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Autodesk has launched the Academic Resource Centre in early 2013 to enable students and faculties across schools in selected regions to enjoy free access to its world-class proprietary design software.
Download Program Brief in Chinese (PDF, 15Mb)
Download Program Brief in English (PDF, 15Mb)
Free Autodesk software licenses and/or cloud-based services are subject to acceptance of and compliance with the terms and conditions of the license agreement or terms of service, as applicable, that accompany such software or cloud-based services. Software licenses and/or cloud-based services provided without charge to Education Community members may be used solely for learning, teaching, and training in relation to the instructional functions performed by a primary or secondary educational institution or other degree- or certificate-granting institution. Such software and cloud-based services shall not be used for commercial, professional or for-profit instructional purposes.

What is Autodesk Academic Resource Center?

ARC is a platform provided by Autodesk to:

  • raise students’ skills and digital design literacy levels
  • allow students to enjoy exclusive free* download of discipline-specific Autodesk education software
  • allow educators to allocate more resources to faculty development and other education programs

What can we do with the free Autodesk software in school?

Schools may use the software in many ways. For example, using the software in:

  • post-secondary curriculums like Architecture, Interior design and Creative media.
  • high school subjects like Design and Technology, Visual Arts, etc
  • learning experience enhancement in subjects like Liberal Studies and Art
  • extracurricular activities like Campus Radio or 3D printing workshops
  • digital skills competitions inside or across schools

 How does the program benefit your school?

  • The software provided is free of charge. It reduces the IT expenses of your school tremendously.
  • Autodesk technologies are widely adopted in industries. Software programs like AutoCAD and 3ds Max are pioneer applications in the fields of architecture, engineering and creative design. Students equipped with Autodesk skills have a definite advantage in terms of career success.
  • Autodesk skills add value to academic qualifications. Students and teachers can sit for Autodesk certification exams/Autodesk certified user exams to earn professional credentials.

What software can I get from the ARC program?

There is a wide variety of software, covering 3D design, engineering and entertainment software applications, click here for the full list of software.

Schools registered for the program have the following software benefits:

  • Software of the latest version and two versions back
  • 3 year term license, counting from activation date
  • 125 seats per serial
  • Network deployment
  • By default, one user can retrieve 1 serial for each product version in ARC
  • Additional serials can be granted by requesting and after admin approval

We do not have enough resources (Technicians/Support, trainers and training materials) to kick off, what should we do?

Form.Welkin, as Autodesk Certified Training Centre in Hong Kong, will provide useful support and tailor-made solutions for schools and education institutions that are interested in the ARC program.

Autodesk hopes that schools can re-invest the saving in their software budgets in:

  • Technology implementation and upgrading IT lab facilities
  • providing Autodesk training for teachers and students
  • courseware and learning resources
  • Autodesk certification

It sounds good.  What’s the next step?

Act now and register your school for the ARC program.  Simply contact us, or give us a call at 3605-3315, we will then assist you to move on the next step.

Our school has joined the plan.  We are not familiar with the software installation, can you back us up?

Sure we can.  To ensure Autodesk Academic software is equipped in your dedicated computer lab, as well as to assure you that the required software version will be ran with smoothness and steadiness, we offer “Autodesk Academic Software Installation Service”.  Detail as follow:

  • Our IT Team will come to your school for a site visit, such as the confirmation of required software, review of default hardware, schedule arrangement, etc.
  • Normally we will come on-site (to your school) for required software installation, we should not take more than 2 working days.
  • Not more than 3 required software will be installed on 50 workstations.
  • 1 month day time software implementation assurance after installation, including hotline inquiry and on-site repair.

The service charge of the above plan is $10,800.

Shall you need any tailor-made service, please call 3605-3315, or write us a message.