Learn and Get Certified Program

At Form.Welkin, we care about your learning outcomes as well as your learning experience.

Our new “Learn and Get Certified Program” is now launched specially for this purpose.

Enrolling in any of the courses below entitles you to taking an Autodesk Certified User

or a Microsoft Office Specialist certification exam for free.

The Program offers a cost-effective way for you to acquire new,

useful skills and improve your credentials by getting your skills certified.

You may take your exam within one year from the course enrolment date.
Enquiry hotlines: 3605 3377 / 3605 3322

Terms and Conditions:

  • The free exams are non-transferrable, non-redeemable for cash or other services, and can only be taken by students of a related course.
  • Students of the Program can only sit for the exams at Welkin Systems Limited.
  • Students should sit for the certification exams within one year from the course enrolment date.
  • Students should book for their exams at least two days prior to the exam date. Free exam entitlements will be forfeited for no-show cases.
  • Exam versions are subject to availability. Welkin reserves the right to decide on the exam versions to be provided.
  • The courses are not intended for exam preparation and course contents may not match the exam objectives. Students should study the exam objectives carefully to prepare for an exam.
  • The certification exams provided are genuine, formal exams. You will get a certificate in electronic form upon passing an exam. You will need to pay an extra fee for a certificate in hard copy form (if applicable).
  • The Program does not cover exam practices or exam retakes. You may purchase our Certification One Day Pass for exam preparation or additional exam vouchers if you have these needs.
  • Welkin Systems Limited reserves the right of final decision in case of disputes.

Cost-Effective Exam Package?

  • Gmetrix Practice Tests

  • One Day Pass Exam Preparation Workshop

  • Free Exam Retakes

ACU (Autodesk Certified User) Certification. We highly recommend the Certification One-Day Pass for its multiple benefits contributing to certification success

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Corporate Certification Exam :

We understand every training need can be unique and are here ready to help. Our rich experience in training management makes sure that we understand your needs, provide you with feasible solutions and execute ideas in a professional manner.

Hotline : 36053325

Advanced Certification Exam?

  • You can take professional level for Autodesk Certified Professional (ACP)

  • ACP is an export level certified exam approved by Autodesk

  • This is the top level after Autodesk Certified User Certification

More Details for ACP