• Why is my rendering not good enough?
  • Why is my rendering always too dark or over exposed?
  • How can my material truly reflect the real world objects?
  • How can I learn more?
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Course Duration

12 hrs

Course Fee



  • A working knowledge of Microsoft Windows XP or a later Windows version. Experience in 3ds Max is necessary; however, architectural design, drafting, or engineering experience is highly recommended.
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The glamour of creative 3D designs is hardly existent without the incorporation of lighting and shadowing effects. This course gives a full and in-depth coverage of Mental Ray, an advanced feature in 3ds Max for lighting and shadowing. The instructor gives practical examples to illustrate the skills and procedures required to achieve the desired lighting, material and rendering effects. Participants will be able to produce impressive photo-realistic 3D effects on course completion. This course will use and teach with Autodesk 3ds Max Design. We sincerely invite all 3ds Max experts to come and look for the new features. Please do not hesitate to apply the master course now!!
Mental Ray Daylight System
Mental Ray Sky Portal
Adjust Exposure
Quicksilver Renderer

Materials with Slate material editor
Mental Ray Arch and Design material
Spline Mapping
Mental Ray material Composite mapping
Create Multi/Submap Material

Photometric Light
Shadows in mental Ray
Camera and depth of field
Ambient Occlusion and Round corner effects
Final Gather and Global illumination setting

mr Proxies
Viewport Canvas
Paint objects
Sense management
Rendering Preset
Batch Rendering and backburner rendering