3D Printing Ready!

3D printing is not just a craze, but a revolution!
Design and production made easier, and it is no longer limited to few pioneers.
We believe that mastering 3D printing skills will be important to you in the industrial design and education environment.

So, Act now, and learn 3D Printing!

The popularity of 3D printing has become an essential part of the creative work and education! What you need to learn are:

  1. Design realistic 3D file
  2. Prepare 3D Priting skill, understand the details of printing equipments
  3. Produce 3D prototype or products for the market

Form.Welkin provide you with a full range of 3D printing and creative education!

  1. Our AutoCAD and 3dsMax Courses are now enhanced with 3D printing session.   You can learn to print your own design as a real 3D object.
  2. New Course: Certificate in 3D Printing with Autodesk 123D series.  Learn to use a user-friend and free software, Autodesk 123D, to process 3D-printing-ready design and its production!  The course is also very suitable for education bodies on their development on creative education.

The courses have provided high-quality 3D printing equipment demonstration and practical experience, students will also receive informations for 3D printing equipment. You may also borrow Form.Welkin’s 3D printers, and experience printing process. (under terms and conditions)
Do not fall behind, choose the right course, learn 3D production skills and become one of the pioneers!

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