Creating a static website and updating it manually may not be a difficult task for most people after acquiring the basic skills. But when it comes to web pages that contain more advanced features such as message board, discussion forum, product query and member login capabilities, the dynamic part comes into play and you need to grasp further concepts and skills before you can make your website work dynamically and interactively.

A dynamic website can change its content dynamically to meet the user’s needs and provide relevant information, such as text, images and other data, by accessing information in a connected database. Dynamic web pages are controlled by computer programs. Every time the website manager adds an article, graphic, product, or news to the site, it will automatically appear in the places it is supposed to. A dynamic website has a high degree of functionality and is indispensable in enabling e-commerce.

In this course you will learn to develop database-driven dynamic websites using PHP and MySQL, which are popular tools employed in the development of many powerful websites including Facebook and Youtube.

Course Duration

30 hrs

Course Fee



  • Course applicants should be at least 18 years old, with an education level of Form 5 or above and a working knowledge of Microsoft Windows. Previous knowledge of web design is helpful but not compulsory.

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Internet Application Development with PHP and MySQL
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Developing a dynamic website is not entirely easy and can be difficult. This course is specially designed for those who have the basic knowledge of web authoring but want to create a website with dynamic capabilities. Starting from basic dynamic site concepts, the course explains the purposes of web, application and data servers. It introduces Dreamweaver’s powerful web development tools, for example the database and server behaviours interfaces, that enable users to generate directly from Dreamweaver the required scripting code (such as that of PHP, ASP or ColdFusion) for dynamic websites.
Retrieving data from URL
Sending data with hyperlinks
Setting and retrieving cookies
The essence of web forms
Designing web forms
Validating customers’ input – client-side and server side validating
Connecting to a database
Retrieving and displaying records from database
Designing web pages with dynamic images and texts
Preparing the search page
Defining search criteria.
Customer registration
Logging in
Restricting Access to Pages